The First Michigan Film Meeting PS (Post Snyder)

Well, last night was certainly no small success.  The film meeting I posted about in the entry prior to this was moved to Laurel Manor because of the larger expected turnout, but no one expected it to be as full as it was.  I had friends who arrived only to find they couldn’t get in, and last I heard we were at over 4,000 supporters who showed up.  Carlson Catering was there with their familiar, friendly faces, (Hi ERIC AND JOSE!!!) providing some sustenance for the crowd in the form of these delicious little pulled pork buns with slaw.  Ken Droz, Mitch Albom, Jeff Daniels, Philippe Martinez of Maxsar Studios, Mike Binder, Andy Meisner, and many more were featured speakers, all offering their thoughts on what we need to do as a group to mobilize, and make sure our voices are heard by our representatives, so that we can fight the proposal, and get the film industry rolling again.

Like any endeavor, the more people you get involved, the higher the chance of success, just like the Robocop statue.  The city of Detroit didn’t want to be a part of it, so what happened?  A group of devoted citizens started their own fundraiser for it, and were able to raise the necessary $50,000 in funds so that they could see their dream become reality.

So, if you are behind the film incentives, and want to stand with me, join me in raising your voices so that our government knows what we want and what we need to help this state stay alive.  Write your reps, go to the rallies and the meetings, tell your neighbors, friends, family, anyone who will listen, to sign the petitions and make sure that those who represent us know where our interests lie.

In just a few days, my song of discontent has garnered over 600 individual views, through my own private YouTube page, as well as the YouTube page for rickswrong.  So I have in effect shared my point of view with over 600 individuals who will maybe go on to write a letter to their state rep.  Or at least are a little more aware of the situation.  **As I was walking through the crowd to retrieve my workbag from a friend, a complete stranger said to me, “Hey!  You’re the ukulele girl!” with a huge smile.  What a precious moment! ^_^**

So please, take a few minutes out of your day, and send that email, or make that call, or write that snail mail.

If we all stand together, they will HAVE to hear our voices.  They won’t have any other choice.  It’s time for us to fight for what we believe in.

Peace and love,


Robocop statue: Haters gonna hate

Haters Gonna Hate! Rick Snyder: "Get off my lawn" (Michigan Film Incentives)

Haters Gonna Hate! Rick Snyder: "Get off my lawn" (Michigan Film Incentives)

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