Asian Beauty: Amarte Skincare

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My two favorite products from Amarte Skincare so far, Hydrolift and Eyeconic!

“Wow, how do you have such nice skin? What do you use?” I’m going to let you in on two of my beauty secrets below…

“Are you Korean?” is a question I hear a lot. I recently found out through my 23andme test that yes, I am in fact part Korean! Anyway, if you’re into skincare and beauty, you know that Koreans have advanced skincare products so much in the past few years, being the first to come out with beauty products like BB creams, for example. So when I was in search of a particular product with certain qualities, I started searching online and I don’t even remember where I came upon it, but I read about Amarte, and how they use natural botanicals that work WITH the skin, and advanced technology to create great anti-aging beauty products.

I’m a bit of a beauty junkie, and will keep trying products until I find my absolute favorites. Because I have Asian skin which is a bit different than Caucasian or Black skin types, I wanted to see if using skincare products targeted more for Asian skin types would make a difference. I’d been using some different store-bought lotions and creams for my face, and I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I felt like they didn’t sink in, and were slightly greasy, and left my skin still drier than I wanted. I was in search of a facial serum with retinol for anti-aging, and also a moisturizing eye cream. So I started searching and read about Amarte!

I decided to start with Eyeconic and Hydrolift from Amarte, and see how well they worked. All I can tell you is, wow. The difference was immediate! The skin on my face had been a bit greasy but also flaky, and the skin around my eyes had seemed papery and dry. Since adding these two products to my regimen, I have noticed much softer, hydrated skin, without the flakiness or greasiness. In fact, I feel that they sink right in and absorb quickly, and my skin immediately feels plumper and softer. I also realized they are a great primer, as when I was filming on one of the hotter days in LA recently, my makeup held up really well! It didn’t melt off.

amarte, amarte skincare, hydrolift, eyeconic

See? Over 100* and it lasted through the shoot. Go Amarte as my base layer!

Someone on Twitter asked me what I had used that day on my face, and I listed everything, and Amarte reached out to me and wanted to let me try some other products as well. I’ve added in the BB Cream for days I don’t want to do full makeup, and here are some pics of me with Amarte products on: Hydrolift, Eyeconic, and the BB Cream.

amarte, amarte skincare, asian beauty, korean beauty, korean skincare, asian skincare

Just Amarte’s Hydrolift, Eyeconic, and BB Cream for a light and natural look with some light coverage.

hydrolift, eyeconic, amarte, amarte skincare, asian skincare, asian beauty, korean skincare, korean beauty

A natural but enhanced makeup look for going out, base of Hydrolift and Eyeconic before makeup

amarte, amarte skincare, asian beauty, asian skincare, korean beauty, korean skincare

I also used Amarte before makeup here, which helped create this flawless look for an audition.

I have yet to start implementing the Brightening line, but am looking forward to adding it to my beauty routine and will post another update after having used those particular products for a time, too.

I’ve even been told by friends that my skin is so nice when all I’ve had on was Hydrolift and Eyeconic and no makeup! Well, now you know the secret and can try it out yourself.

What are some of your favorite beauty tricks/products? What beauty questions do you have?

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***I am not being paid by Amarte, although I did receive some products to try, which I will give an honest review about. I will be posting another article about more of my beauty must have’s very soon, so stay tuned!

amarte, amarte skincare, asian skincare, asian beauty, Korean skincare, korean beauty

I can’t wait to start using all of my Amarte products and see how much their Brightening line will brighten my face. 🙂