Saturn Return

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Lunar New Year, and Happy February to you all!  You know my birthday’s coming up.  I won’t say how old I’ll be, because I’m just so young at heart.  ^_^


So I just got back from Sundance recently, and I had the greatest time.  I met some incredible people and got to see the films I needed to see.  The sad part was that after all the marvelous luck we had getting in to Salvation Boulevard, I never got to see my scene, because it was a victim of the cutting room.  Fortunately, I ran into George Ratliff after the Q&A, and he was so extremely kind about it, and said that it would be on the DVD extras.  Yay, something to look forward to!  He’s a great director, and the film itself was very hilarious.  After having seen his last Sundance baby, Joshua, I had no idea what to expect.

I also saw Cedar Rapids, directed by Miguel Arteta, and starring Ed Helms, and boy oh boy was it a riot.  I really liked the relationships they showed in the film, they were very real, and the cast chemistry was great.  It was nice seeing Ed Helms in a new role, too, as a small-town Iowan who has never been to the big city.

The most controversial film at Sundance (no, not Red State) was The Woman.  I had the extremely fortunate experience of getting to see it twice.  I had to support my friend, Lauren Petre, of course.  She played Miss Hindle, a smaller role in the film, but she was great!  And she looked great on film. The Woman was definitely great horror.  I had nightmares after the first viewing and spent the entire night tossing and turning, thinking evil little boy actors would sneak into the house where I was staying and knife me!  Lucky McKee knows how to elicit some raw emotional responses, and on the night of their first screening, a girl fainted, and he being the great and wonderful man that he is, tried to get the theater to halt the screening, but they didn’t.  Then, an irate viewer got up and started spewing all sorts of horrible things ignorant thoughts about the film.  He obviously didn’t see the bigger picture, the ENTIRE POINT OF THE FILM…Some people.  Anyway, if you get the chance to see it, I highly recommend it.  Lucky said, “It’s designed to be viewed multiple times.” So I’d say get it on dvd, and watch it a couple times, within the week.  It’s one of those films that keeps you thinking and processing, and I hope you’re able to see beyond the gore and evil to see what Lucky is trying to show the audience.  Sometimes evil hides in plain sight.  Pollyanna McIntosh was stellar, actually the entire cast was.  Angela Bettis, Sean Bridgers, and oh the children, (I’ve got to say that again) oh the CHILDREN!  It should also be noted that the soundtrack is amazing, and I need it!  Sound design was also superb, and really added to the feel of the film.

Q&A at The Woman screening at Sundance

Q&A at The Woman screening at Sundance

Cindy Chu in front of The Egyptian for Sundance 11, in her Snow Leopard Spirithood

Cindy Chu in front of The Egyptian for Sundance 11, in her Snow Leopard Spirithood

Lauren Petre and Cindy Chu at Salvation Boulevard screening, Sundance 11

Lauren Petre and Cindy Chu at Salvation Boulevard screening, Sundance 11

The Woman

The Woman, what I told Lucky...


While I was at Sundance, Robert del Valle of Real Detroit Weekly contacted me about their biweekly local stars’ Michigan Motion Picture column.  My friend (she’s so pretty!!!) Treasure Groh, also staff at RDW, had asked awhile ago if I’d like to be interviewed for it.  Of course, I said yes.  I’ve also got tons of people that I think they should interview in the future, too!  The link to the article is here.


When I returned from Sundance, I was on this inspirational kick!  I had a drive to make some videos pure awesome Youtubeness!

So for your viewing pleasure:

A sneak peek of my Sundance adventures.  This wonderful woman who hosted us took us to this delicious sushi place called Yamato’s a few times.  Her “roundeyes” son works there as a sushi chef, and I gotta tell ya, he’s good!  So the fish in the aquarium clip was from there.  Those fish weren’t for eating, LOL.

And then we got hit by Snowpocalypse 2011 in the Midwest (although it really wasn’t that bad in Ann Arbor) so I had to make a cutesie little video for that, and used a song from Scott Pilgrim by Anamanaguchi “Another Winter” for the backing track

Aaaaaand I was in the mood to play my ukulele after being away from it for a week, and uploaded TWO songs in one night!  Then a third the next night! Talk about feeling inspired.  So the first one I’d been working on learning the strum pattern for awhile, and I was sick when I made these so I didn’t sing them as well as I would have liked.  The second one was the song that was in the trailers for Blue Valentine, the one Ryan Gosling’s character plays for Michelle Williams’ character while she tap dances.  The third one is a cover of a song by Soko (from Paris!) called “I Will Never Love You More” and it’s very funny.

Last Friday night, Fitz and the Tantrums played at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, and it was a sold out show (it was free, but filled up immediately upon doors opening).  Luckily, I had met the female vocalist, the very beautiful and talented Noelle Scaggs, back in LA a few years ago, so my friends and I were able to sneak in the back with her.  I shot a decent live video of their final encore song, their hit single, “Moneygrabber”.  (<—Did I get that punctuation right???)

And one last one, because I miss warm weather and am feeling nostalgic for warm sunny days.  I switched the audio on my skydiving video, and now it looks and sounds cool.

Alright, my lovely readers, that was my huge February update.  Remember to smile, spring is just around the corner.  Appreciate the little things in life.  Don’t forget to laugh, especially at yourself.  And always tell your family you love them.  They might not always be there.

Peace, blessings, joy,


Gorgeous icicles outside my balcony

Gorgeous icicles outside my balcony

Days Of Our Lives Open Call and More…


Last Monday, the student film I’m in, Yoshiko On the Dunes, shot a scene in the WORK gallery.  I play the part of Naoki, who is the best friend to Yoshiko.  The director is hoping to shoot the entire film on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.  It’s incredible what these new DSLR cameras can do nowadays!

Days Of Our Lives held an open call this past weekend at the MGM Grand Detroit. Hundreds if not thousands showed up from all over Michigan and rumoredly, even as far as Chicago, to compete for a chance to win a one-day role on a future episode of Days. The night before the open call, I attended an audition workshop with Marnie Saitta, who is the casting director of Days Of Our Lives. I’m so glad I went, I learned a lot of audition do’s and don’ts, and was grateful for the FREE information. The next morning, I woke up bright and early so I could get to Detroit by 8:00AM to get in line for the open call. Current cast members Shawn Christian, Shelley Hennig, Bryan Dattilo, Nadia Bjorlin, and James Reynolds were all in attendance for a fan meet-and-greet, as well. Many casting and talent agents were among the judges, and after passing round one (reading with them) some of us were able to read for Marnie. I was lucky enough to read with Olga from Productions Plus, one of the talent agencies in Michigan (they also have branches in NY and LA). She sent me on to read for Marnie, who told me I had a great natural way about my acting, and asked if I’d received the callback sides and if they had my contact number, and then she gave me a fist bump! Steve Blackwood, who used to play Bart on Days, told me that’s a good sign! He was also there at the event.

The open call ran until 7PM that night, and then the judges and Marnie selected less than 30 actors to invite back for a callback the next morning. I received a call around 9:30PM for the callback!

The next morning, I drove to Detroit yet again, and waited my turn to do my audition in front of the panel of judges for the callback. It included a writer from Days, an NBC exec, and other assorted people I didn’t know. The Days actors were all in the room, as well. We were taken in one by one, and each of us read with one of the actors from Days. I read with James Reynolds! It was a surreal moment because I grew up watching Days with my mother, so it was great meeting so many of them right here in Detroit, and then being able to read with one! Wow!

After everyone auditioned, the judges deliberated for awhile and then brought us all into the room. They selected six finalists (I didn’t make it) and from the six, decided to pick TWO winners because they were so impressed with all of us and couldn’t just pick one! That’s huge! I was proud to know one of the winners. I’m so excited for both of them, it’s an amazing opportunity and I wish them the best of luck.

Right after all of that, I had an audition lined up for the role of Keiko, a Japanese news anchor, in the movie Zomedy, a zombie comedy, that will be shot in Michigan.


A week and a half ago, I worked a couple days on Cedar Rapids as an additional set costumer, and got to meet Ed Helms (who loved my big fur Mongolian hat, by the way) and Sigourney Weaver.  Well, I didn’t really meet Sigourney, but I did stand right next to her on set!  If I can work 28 more union scale days in wardrobe, I can apply to join IATSE.

And, this week, I will be assisting Andrea Syron who is MUA/Hair/Key Costumer for the short Best Girlfriends.

All exciting stuff!  Michigan is happening.  Every day, I am getting closer and closer to making my dreams come true.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Demosthenes:

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”

Don’t stop dreaming, and keep reaching for the stars!



Ed Helms in Mongolian fur hat

Ed Helms wearing my Mongolian fur hat

Steve Blackwood and Cindy Chu

With Steve Blackwood at Michigan Actor's Studio

Nadia Bjorlin and Cindy Chu

My friend Alaina and I with Nadia Bjorlin

Shawn Christian and Cindy Chu

Alaina and I with Shawn Christian

Shelley Hennig and James Reynolds and Cindy Chu

Me with James Reynolds and Shelley Hennig

Bryan Dattilo and Cindy Chu

Me with Bryan Dattilo