Baby It’s Cold Outside

In case you didn’t know I sing…I’m no Adele, but I can hold a tune.  😉  

Some holiday cheer for you all! ❤

Divergent Movie Casting

For those of you out there who are huge YA fiction fans (young adult, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the acronym), you may have already read Divergent, Veronica Roth‘s first book in a post-apocalyptic world series that takes place right in our own Chicago.


For those of you who haven’t read it, I highly recommend it as a fun read.  I am currently on book two, Insurgent, and book three is in the works, with a projected release date sometime in 2013.  You can follow Veronica Roth’s tweets here.

The reason for this update is because it’s going to start filming in 2013, and Neil Burger (Limitless, The Illusionist) will be directing, and Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman) is writing the screenplay adaptation.  One of the Dauntless faction members in the book is Tori, who is specifically an Asian in her 20s…So of course, I’m envisioning an audition for the part!  Just waiting on casting for more roles to open.  Currently, only Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) has been cast as Tris.

If Veronica Roth happens to come across this posting, please please put in a word for me to audition for Tori!  🙂

Here’s my reel, I can do tough!

And I’m totally willing to get super buff and in Dauntless shape for the part!  In fact, here’s a fitness tip for you all.  You can easily squeeze in some pull-ups into your day by installing a pull-up bar over your bathroom door and making yourself do one each time you go to the bathroom!  This one is nice because it allows you to still be able to close the door without it being in the way.

Pull-up bar

Great over the door pull-up bar, click the image to go to the product page! 🙂


Future Tori!  😉

Pittsburgh Press for Those Who Kill

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has an article out on the new A&E crime drama Those Who Kill, where they interviewed the great Glen Morgan (X-Files).  


I’m beyond excited to work with Mr. Morgan, Mr. Carnahan, Chloe Sevigny, and James D’Arcy.  I’m still pinching myself like I’m in a dream!  


Anyway, I must get back to running lines for tomorrow’s filming on Needlestick!  






My Body, My Craft

So in my last blog post, I said I would make one about my weight loss!  Here is a side-by-side photo comparison of me in 2008, when I wanted to lose weight and took some before photos, and last night, after going for a run.  This was when I attempted P90X or something like that… The difference here is about 30 pounds.  I feel that it’s quite obvious, but what you think may differ.  All I know is that at that weight, I wasn’t comfortable with my body.  I’m much happier today with where I’m at physically.  This is the lead up to the title of the post, “My Body, My Craft.”  Take a look below:


Obviously, I could use some more exercise in my life.  What I want to emphasize here is that the majority of my weight loss has been through DIET ALONE!  Yes, I get some physical activity in my side job working at a restaurant and walking around town, but I don’t do a lot of cardio.  I HAVE been doing pushups, pullups, pressups, squats, lunges, crunches and such.  But not even that often.  I know.  It’s a work in progress!  But the reason why I titled this post the way I did is because as an actress, it’s important that I look my best for my type of casting.  I don’t want to be the chubby, funny Asian friend.  I have always played the ingenue, and that’s the casting I want to develop further.  In order to do that, I’ve got to work for it, and get myself in the best physical shape I can.  I’m beginning an exercise program and if I can get some results, I’ll post photo updates.  But anyway, what I CAN tell you about today is the diet portion of my fitness journey.

The key to my 30 pound weight loss has been a SLOW CARB DIET (SCD).  I decided to follow this diet format after my friend Justin drastically changed his body in the time I took to travel around the world.  (I was gone for 4.5 months!)  In that time, he dropped from about 180 to around 145lbs, and went from wearing a size 36 to a 30 in pants.  He’s about 5’8″.  Those are some pretty significant losses.  Even though I saw how much he had changed and how great he looked (even though I didn’t think of him as fat before!!!), I really didn’t want to hear about how he did it.  It seemed like his diet was no fun when we went out to eat.  But as we were housemates, I saw firsthand how he was eating, and slowly, he introduced me to the basics, and eventually, I became receptive to the idea of trying it.  It was then that he created the Three Week Challenge with me.  He guaranteed that if I followed the SCD for THREE WHOLE WEEKS…I would see some results.  I kind of harumphed at the idea, mentally noting that I had been about the same size for several years now and that my body just wanted to be this size, basically mentally defeating myself.  And so I began, simultaneously doing the 10-day Zumba challenge, and recording all my measurements each morning.  I’ll go into more details shortly.  Anyhow, at the onset, I tried on a bunch of pants and dresses I had in my closet but hadn’t worn for years because they were too tight, and yep, they were still too tight.  Some of the pants could not be buttoned up, as in there were a couple inches of gap between the button hole and button because I was too wide for them.  My bulges.  At the end of the 3 weeks, I literally couldn’t believe it, but the pants that had been too tight were now…a little bit loose?  Could this be?  In three weeks, I lost about 10 pounds, and 1 inch off my waist.  In the time since, I’ve lost a little bit more, and am now sitting around 128lbs, give or take a couple, and my measurements went from 40/29/40 to 36/25/36. Alright, so I got a boost from doing the Zumba challenge at the same time but, you can expect similar results if you’re already working out regularly but have that last 10 plateau to get past.  Diet is so key here.

Cindy Chu before and after weight loss

Another before & after, September 2011, compared to July 2012…

Okay, so let’s get into the nitty gritty details of the diet.  Of course if you have any sort of health issues, you should speak with your physician before attempting this.  I’m not a doctor or trained dietician, this is simply what worked for me.  And if you want, you can do your own Three Week Challenge.  My best friend has dropped also from around 180 to 145, and she’s about 5’5.5″.  She couldn’t be happier that she asked me about the diet and stuck to it once she decided to join me in my fitness journey.  As a breakdancer, breaking has gotten easier for her with less mass to move around.  She doesn’t need to worry so much about spraining her hand anymore, which was an issue when she was heavier.  And she’s so hot now!  Not that she wasn’t before, but she got hotter!  😀  Oh yeah, the measurements…I weighed myself at the same time every day and measured around the thickest parts of my upper arms and thighs, both sides, then bust, waist and hips.  I kept a chart on my dry erase board, and also entered measurements into this great little iPhone app, called WeightTrack.  It charts your progress for you and is nice for referencing to see how quickly the weight is coming off.

Alright, so here are the basics to the SCD.  Our commandments, so to speak.

For SIX days a week, one must NOT consume, meaning NO-NOs:


But what you CAN consume in those six days, and for each meal, YES YES’S:


And then the best part of this…there’s that ONE day of the week left…where you don’t have to follow the diet one bit!  You can pig out and have anything you’ve been craving all week.  So go have that cookie, and a pint, and a pizza, or an ice cream cone!  It’s your CHEAT DAY.

I personally found it helps to cook some meals in advance, like a veggie tagine, with some beans, and eggs for protein, or throw some meat in the tagine sauce.  Soups are great.  Eggs in the morning with veggies and black beans…Chipotle’s a good place for lunch, just get the burrito bowl without any cheese or sour cream!

I will testify THIS diet WORKS!  Results.  I achieved them.  And so can you.

Feel free to post questions you might have and I’ll try and answer them!  🙂  Altogether, the friends I’ve gotten to follow this way of eating have lost more than 100 pounds, when their losses are tallied.  Anyone up for the challenge?  Come back and post your results every week or in three weeks!  You may fit into that pair of jeans in the back of your closet again!  I just put on my old prom dress from high school when I was home for Thanksgiving!



Some of you who are following any sort of Michigan film news will already know that Needlestick, an upcoming indie thriller to be shot in December, was recently approved for the Michigan film incentives.

Big congrats to Steven Karageanes, writer and director of “Needlestick”!  We met years ago when my short “Qing Lou Nu” was screening at the same film festivals as his “Pink Slip”.  I was fortunate enough to attend the auditions for Needlestick on Saturday.  My wonderful and talented friend Jordan Trovillion is already cast in Needlestick and you can view her in the awesome trailer here.

I’m really excited to see more projects finally starting up in Michigan again, and just wanted to share Steven’s good news with the film community!  Whoever they cast, I hope the project is a giant success!

I hope everyone had a great weekend post-Thanksgiving!  Here’s a pic of me in my high school reunion outfit.  Wheee, dressing up is fun.  I gotta be honest, it felt pretty good showing up and knowing that my hard work with my diet paid off and that I felt really comfortable in my own skin.

Cindy Chu

I’ll blog about my whole diet later in its own thing for those of you who are interested.  It’s pretty easy, but does require a few changes and commitment!  But I’m living proof it works!  Just take a look at me a year ago.


Look for my weight-loss post later this week!

Have a lovely week, friends!



Happy Thanksgiving!

This was lifted from my FB posting earlier…

Last year I spent my first Thanksgiving away from home, in Kathmandu, Nepal, about two weeks into my 4.5 month trip around the world. In the year since, I have traveled in six foreign countries, including attending Kalachakra in Bodhgaya with HH the Dalai Lama & meditating under the Bhodi tree, participated in Awesomeness Fest, lost 30 pounds, met so many incredible lightbringers, enjoyed a mini family reunion after three years, had a national-release blockbuster movie come out ( Red Dawn), filmed on a Detroit indie ( Misled), and booked a dayplaying role on the new A&E show Those Who Kill in Pittsburgh! I am so incredibly thankful for the life that I have been so fortunate to receive, and the love in my life from everyone around me. Thank you to the universe and the connection we all share with one another. ♥ ♥ ♥ May you all be blessed and shine forth your inner lights and brighten the world around you.

So for those of you who didn’t hear through my FB fanpage, I found out yesterday that I booked the role of Nancy Yuan on Those Who Kill!  Here’s some news on TWK from!  That’s right, I get to work with the likes of Chloe Sevigny and James D’Arcy!  I just about peed my pants when I got the news from my wonderful, rad agent, Curt Howe of CTA.  Alright, I really just shrieked and jumped up and down a few times, kicking my heels up in pure joy!  This was the job that I went all the way to Pittsburgh to audition for!  It felt so great to finally get confirmation after being told I was on “first right of refusal”.  If you DON’T know who Chloe and James are, here are some pics of them from the interwebs!
Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny will be playing the female lead in A&E’s upcoming Those Who Kill

James D'Arcy, Italian Vogue

The sexy James D’Arcy, seen here posing in Italian Vogue, will be playing alongside Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny is known for such roles as Shelley in American Horror Story, and Nicolette Grant in the hugely popular series Big Love.

James D’Arcy is known for The Master and Commander: Far Side of the World and most recently, Cloud Atlas.  And for that crazy six-degree rule, he played Mark in The Domino Effect, in which my friend Jordan Trovillion played Sirisha’s Friend.

Aaaaaand tonight, I was lucky enough to be able to take some of my family to see Red Dawn!  I snagged some screenshots of myself on the big screen, and without further ado, here they are!  Please go see Red Dawn and enjoy a great action blockbuster!  It turned out great and I’m so proud and feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

Red Dawn: At Long Last!!!

Viva Red Dawn!!!  It’s been a long journey, but Red Dawn is finally being released as a holiday blockbuster this Thanksgiving!  I’m so excited to see it finally premiering, and I’ll definitely be taking my family to see it on Thanksgiving Day!  I already had confirmation from friends that my name was in the credits and that they saw my scenes!  WHooooooowheeee!!!!!

For now, enjoy this wonderful trailer:



Cindy Chu in Red Dawn

Look how tall I am! In my Red Dawn costume with some of the other ladies.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and goes to see Red Dawn!  Let me know what you think!  And sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated.  I’ve got a few more things to post about soon so look for more in the coming weeks.


Shine your inner light,


Ice, Ice, Baby!

I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks working on this amazing documentary about icebreaker ships and the Great Lakes.  It’s been incredible, and I have loved every moment!  I’ve also had time to upload a few new songs on YouTube.  Enjoy!  I will be posting photos to my Flickr in the near future.

Julien Dore’s Cet Air-La on ukulele by Cindy Chu


Project Ice Crew

The First Michigan Film Meeting PS (Post Snyder)

Well, last night was certainly no small success.  The film meeting I posted about in the entry prior to this was moved to Laurel Manor because of the larger expected turnout, but no one expected it to be as full as it was.  I had friends who arrived only to find they couldn’t get in, and last I heard we were at over 4,000 supporters who showed up.  Carlson Catering was there with their familiar, friendly faces, (Hi ERIC AND JOSE!!!) providing some sustenance for the crowd in the form of these delicious little pulled pork buns with slaw.  Ken Droz, Mitch Albom, Jeff Daniels, Philippe Martinez of Maxsar Studios, Mike Binder, Andy Meisner, and many more were featured speakers, all offering their thoughts on what we need to do as a group to mobilize, and make sure our voices are heard by our representatives, so that we can fight the proposal, and get the film industry rolling again.

Like any endeavor, the more people you get involved, the higher the chance of success, just like the Robocop statue.  The city of Detroit didn’t want to be a part of it, so what happened?  A group of devoted citizens started their own fundraiser for it, and were able to raise the necessary $50,000 in funds so that they could see their dream become reality.

So, if you are behind the film incentives, and want to stand with me, join me in raising your voices so that our government knows what we want and what we need to help this state stay alive.  Write your reps, go to the rallies and the meetings, tell your neighbors, friends, family, anyone who will listen, to sign the petitions and make sure that those who represent us know where our interests lie.

In just a few days, my song of discontent has garnered over 600 individual views, through my own private YouTube page, as well as the YouTube page for rickswrong.  So I have in effect shared my point of view with over 600 individuals who will maybe go on to write a letter to their state rep.  Or at least are a little more aware of the situation.  **As I was walking through the crowd to retrieve my workbag from a friend, a complete stranger said to me, “Hey!  You’re the ukulele girl!” with a huge smile.  What a precious moment! ^_^**

So please, take a few minutes out of your day, and send that email, or make that call, or write that snail mail.

If we all stand together, they will HAVE to hear our voices.  They won’t have any other choice.  It’s time for us to fight for what we believe in.

Peace and love,


Robocop statue: Haters gonna hate

Haters Gonna Hate! Rick Snyder: "Get off my lawn" (Michigan Film Incentives)

Haters Gonna Hate! Rick Snyder: "Get off my lawn" (Michigan Film Incentives)

My Stance on Snyder’s Budget Proposal?




Here’s my official statement regarding the new budget proposal (and this marks my first songwriting experience, so I hope you find it amusing, if not a little endearing??? But maybe that’s too much to ask.):

There is going to be a town hall meeting at Maxsar Studios Thursday night, if you can attend and show support for the incentives.

Maxsar Studios 

38099 Schoolcraft Rd.
Livonia, MI 48150

UPDATE THURSDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2010  **The event has moved to this new location:

Laurel Manor

39000 Schoolcraft Rd
Livonia, MI**

Here’s some more info from the Facebook event page:

As devoted members of Michigan’s film industry, Mitch Albom and Kenneth Droz Consulting invite you to


An organizational and informational event to most effectively communicate to Michigan’s legislators, governor, and voting public why the film incentive program (among other issues), should be preserved.

WHEN: Thursday, February 24, 7:30pm
WHERE: Maxsar Studios
38099 Schoolcraft Rd. (east of I-275, on south side of I-96 freeway)
Livonia, MI 48150

Featured Speakers:
Mitch Albom, Free Press Columnist
Mike Binder, filmmaker and Michigan native
Andy Meisner, Oakland County Treasurer, and former State Rep.
Philippe Martinez, Maxsar Studios CEO
Emery King and Jim Burnstein, Chair and Vice-Chair, MFO Advisory Council
Ken Droz, Consultant and former MFO Communications Mgr.
Others to be announced.

Provided will be various evidence and informational points, legislators’ names and contact info, and strategic methods on conveying the most effective message possible, for legislative officials and districts statewide.

Hosted by Mitch Albom, Kenneth Droz Consulting and Maxsar Digital Studios

Open to the press and general public.