Hey y’all, it’s been awhile…

Life got really busy, and I’ve neglected my posting. Instead of featuring a giant catch up post, I’ll try to post short updates now and then. I’ve just been more active on my Official Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, I apologize!

Anyway, I’m very proud to share that I was cast as a lead in a science-fiction audio drama podcast series called The Strange Case of Starship Iris created and written by Jessica Best, and under the umbrella Podcast collective, Procyon Podcast Network. They’ve got two more series coming, and have been running a Kickstarter that ends Friday if you want to sponsor all of us so you have more creative audio dramas to listen to! These series are great because the artists involved are focused on diverse storytelling, with a broad range of characters and representation. They are extremely inclusive of the LGBTQ community which is near and dear to my heart as I have so many friends who don’t fall into any sort of heterosexual gender binary system, and they are also inclusive of minorities. There’s even a purple alien character in Starship Iris named Krejjh who goes by they/their pronouns! How cool and progressive is that! To check out more info on Starship Iris, check out the Tumblr page. (Starship Iris is also available on Google Play and the Apple Podcast app.)

For other acting updates, I recently appeared as a potentially recurring character on the MacGyver reboot’s crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0. MacGyver has just announced they’ve been picked up for a second season, so fingers crossed I get to return, too. Peter Lenkov, the executive producer on MacGyver, mentioned he always saw the two worlds existing together, and hopes for more crossover episodes, so let’s hope he means it! I played a scientist named Mayumi and along with some other scientists, we were stuck in a building after an earthquake and MacGyver has to come to our rescue. I volunteer to use a real-life skill I have in the episode. 😉 Also very exciting to me was the fact this crossover episode had an epic amount of Asian American talent, yay!

Before this, I made it into an episode of Fox’s New Girl late last year! Check this clip out:

Cindy Chu in FOX’s New Girl S6.E05 “Jaipur Aviv” Reel Clip from Cindy Chu on Vimeo.

I’ll leave it at that for now, and if you want more regular updates, just follow my official FB page, Tumblr or Twitter where I’m much more active!



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Enjoying the poppies superbloom outside of LA