PSA: Curt Howe & Ripoff Report

I wanted to post something regarding Curt Howe and Charlie’s Talent Agency (CTA).  As with every industry, you sometimes make a few enemies, even when you haven’t done anything wrong.  I have known Curt for several years, and he represents me in the Midwest for SAG/AFTRA projects.  He signed me when all I had on my resume were a local theatre production and high school plays.  He gave me a chance, and got me in to all the local casting agencies, including Pound Mooney, Detroit Casting Company, and Carrie Ray Casting, just to name a few in Michigan.  It’s because of him that I had the opportunity to be in Red Dawn and Salvation Boulevard as a supporting cast member.   He believed in me and pushed and fought for me, and he’s gotten me into so many auditions, even in the last couple of months. He submits me for roles he believes I can play, and even when I don’t fit the breakdown, the casting agents sometimes see me for them.  As any professional actor knows, there may be a hundred no’s before you get a yes.  It’s part of the job.  Sometimes you don’t fit the look.  You could be an amazing actor but your talent agent and casting agent don’t make the final decisions on casting.  The sooner we all stop having delusions of grandeur and expecting to become stars overnight, the better for our local budding industry.  If we can’t all work together and make Michigan look GOOD and PROFESSIONAL, how many productions will want to give us a chance and use local casting?  Because pushing someone else down to drown so that you can get ahead doesn’t work.  Be thankful for every audition you get, and keep working on your craft, and one day you WILL get a yes.  But do NOT blame your not getting parts on your talent agent after he/she has worked to land you an audition in the first place.  The blame game and the hatred and the lies a certain individual has been propagating across the internet does our local industry no good.  We should be helping one another, because success can be contagious.  We need to show that we are just as professional and just as qualified and talented as actors from Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.  I don’t need to name names, but be warned, you are only succeeding in painting yourself out of the picture and blacklisting your own name.  In this industry, you never want to burn bridges nor bite the hand that feeds you.

My name is Cindy Chu, and I am a SAG actor.  I am proudly represented by Curt Howe of Charlie’s Talent Agency aka CTA.

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