Fall Update

This was the trailer my director, Bryan Hopkins, posted awhile ago for our short film, “Qing Lou Nu”, which is now apparently making the festival rounds. I hope it’s accepted to at least one big one! I haven’t heard anything about it yet, just that he was starting the submission process.

My IMDB page is officially up now, too, thanks to QLN getting its own IMDB page.

On other artistic fronts, I’ve been working hard on my photography and have worked as a PA on a few smaller projects, along with doing featured extra work on a couple music videos and Trivial Pursuits, a film that was shot in Ann Arbor this past summer. None of these projects are out yet, but I will post links when they are.

Thanks for looking!

Cindy Chu posing in an H&M dress

Cindy Chu posing in an H&M dress


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