My 2 Seconds of Fame on vh1’s “The Shot” Episode 6

When I was first getting into breakdancing, my new best friend and I decided to fly out to LA for Freestyle Session, the 10th Anniversary of it. It’s a huge bboy jam put on by Cros1. The first day we got to the event, we showed up a little bit late, it had already started, and we went to find our friends and claim a cypher spot on the floor. As soon as we had made our rounds and said our hellos to old friends and found our group, this girl walked up to me with a camera crew behind her, tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could take some photos of me. Of course I grabbed at the chance and said, “YES!” right away, and followed her up to the balcony where they had a photo set up with lights and everything. They had me sign a waiver, or model-release, didn’t tell me what the show was about, and Maria had me start out with some simple cute poses to highlight my cute outfit. I even had interstitial keratitis at the time, which I discovered later with my opthalmologist was an allergic reaction to new contacts, so I was wearing an eyepatch on one eye! So as I’m posing, I’m getting bored of looking cute and I tell her I know some cool bgirl freezes, which she gets really excited about, and I start doing cool poses for her. I was mad stylin’, too, in my mom’s vintage 70s swimsuit and my new neon green 25 year anniversary limited edition freestyle reeboks.

Anyway, you can see the vh1 blog post about my episode here. Unfortunately the video clip I was in is no longer up on their website. SMH. Oh well! But I am featured in the first photo at the top of the blog post, so that’s nice. 🙂

From vh1’s blog post


I will be posting new headshots very soon.

Stay fabulous,

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