New Project: Qing Lou Nu

Hi everyone,  I’ve been busy but I have great news.  I am the star in an indie short directed and written by Bryan Hopkins, who wrote, directed and starred in “Sleepful Painless”.  I play an Asian prostitute who craves a normal life and the love that comes with that, but unfortunately I have a family that is relying on me and this is the life that I have fallen into.  So when a new, unsuspecting Patron  (played by the up and coming Axel Harney)  comes to see me and is smitten, things take a turn for the worse.  You can check out the script at Flood Films and Media.

We have a great cast and crew, and I can’t wait for the production to be finished so that I can add to my reel.

I also just got signed with Charlie’s Talent Agency in Michigan.  You can check out my acting resume at Charlie’s website.

I am also looking forward to when “Whip It!” finishes post-production so that I can see if I made it into the final cut!

Stay fabulous!

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